How do you achieve the peak of your potential as a product leader with a crystal clear career path, even if you feel there is a gap today?

Trust the right mentor with proven coaching to fulfill your dream of excelling in your career.


"The best advice I got was from John Doerr, who said, 'My advice to you is to have a coach.'"

 Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google


Can you relate to any of these challenges that product and technology leaders I've coached experienced before in their career?



“The biggest challenge I face was shaping my career without a confidential mentor and not knowing where to look for mentors and a coach in the product management world. I need guidance on topics you would never divulge in a study group or online peer group."



"I know   Product Management does not have a strong voice with dec-sion-makres right now.. And I lack confidence that I have influence with key stakeholders. But how do you increase your share of voice?”



"I feel the need to take more training to up-skill me as a product manager but taking more online courses is not working... it’s just wearing me out."



"I have been following best practices online. But I don't clarity on exactly what I need to do to achieve my potenial as a Leader. Do I keep working on hard skills or soft skills?"



"How do I discuss day to day challenges with someone who not only has seen and worked through these challenges, but knows how to coach me out of my own limited thinking?


And is it possible that you're...

...not even sure if you're at the right company? All this trial and error in your career is only getting you passed over for promotions, hamstringing your earning power, and burning up product cycles with nothing to show for it.

"The world needs more product LEADERS."


- Shobhit Chugh


What's possible with Shobhit?


There is nothing special about me. I'm a product manager at Google for Crashlytics, the world's leading crash reporter for mobile apps. I’ve built a network of contacts at major brands in the product management field that still makes me a little starstruck. But most of all, I’m not stuck in a cube-farm, battling to get my ideas heard. And I've mentored hundreds of product managers and technology leaders just like you to get their ideas heard too.

What this boils down to is that I packed 20-plus years of product management experience and mentoring product leaders at top companies into a coaching program to give YOU the inside-track to know what's possible, set clear career goals, create a roadmap, and acquire intangible leadership skills faster with me by your side every step of the way.

Intentional Product Manager coaching is so much more than a career plan. It's a promise that I'll do everything I can, make every connection for you, to make sure you get as much out of this mentorship as humanly possible.

Now, let's get started teaching YOU how to succeed in product leadership in any market.

I've mentored product leaders at

 Releasing product is exciting.

Imagine what your life would be like if you...


  • Had the respect and access to company stakeholders at the highest level counting on YOU to propose bold new ideas?
  • Felt the exhilaration that only comes from not just getting your work life optimized, but your entire life optimized!
  • Could weather any economic market storm because you're viewed as smart, mission-critical, and effective as hell.
  • Weren't intimidated or irritated by the political diplomacy needed in your job because you got to set the ground rules from the get-go. You're no longer burning cycles in reaction mode.
  • Increased your earning power by 50% or more.

If you love product and this sounds like where you want to be, then let's get you results faster with...


 Intentional Product Manager coaching

THE 6 month one on one mentorship program for the world’s most ambitious product and technology leaders

I've packed everything I know about product management in the tech world into an extensive six-month program. Everything I’ve seen and done over the course of my career at Google and coaching over 200 product managers went into this comprehensive, fluff-free mentorship. Perfect for leadershungry to have an impact, in the hunt for an extraordinary career, and finally ready to take control of increasing your earning power.

Instant access to my expertise

Get years of experience packed into 10-weeks with videos, worksheets, strategies, and the tools product leaders are using today.

Personal Mentoring

Personal attention in our 1-1 coaching session. I limit how many members I accept so I have the capacity to make sure I give you what you need to succeed with this blueprint.

Feedback and Accountability

I keep you on track to hit weekly milestones with a proven process my members have used to get results time and again.

Coaching curriculum

This is the coaching that I always wished existed to transform not just my career but my entire life. I built the curriculum from the ground up, based on the intersection of three programs.

Shobhit with Brendon Burchard, New York Times bestselling author of High Performance Habits and founder of High Performance Institute.

Focal points

Know where you stand right now

Get clarity on your current performance as evaluated by you and your peers, and determine the steps you need to take to make things happen.


Break through psychological barriers that are blocking your success

We often rob ourselves with our mindset and attitude. In this session, we will identify and break through the barriers that are causing you to play a small game, and reset your psychology and mindset.

Clarity and personal branding

Drive clarity on what sort of leader and strategist you need to be to excel in your career

Determine and validate where you can have maximum impact, and outline what your personal brand and actions need to be for you to have that impact.

Productivity and Focus

Break through the barriers you have in making the most of your time

Determine where it is that you need to focus on impact and remove barriers and competing interests.

Courage and Confidence

Have the courage and confidence to ask for what you deserve

Discuss where you feel you’ve been confident and courageous in life and in what situations you might be holding back or backing down. You receive insights and tools to help you gain confidence, decisiveness, and momentum.


Accelerate your influence

Gauge how influential you’ve felt in your relationships and career. You'll receive a few tools and learn concepts that will raise your level of action and immediately help you become more influential in your relationships and career.

Strategy and thought leadership

Become the strategic thought leader even if you feel like a tactical executor right now

Gauge where you have been showing thought leadership, and help you recognize and start to hone in on areas where you can show thought leadership.

Strategic thinking blocks

Become the strategic thinker you dreamed of

Finally free yourself from putting out fires to leading your product team and doing strategic work. That's what brands you as a product team leader versus the invisible underappreciated worker bee. Learn what to focus on and how to turn it into gold.

Customer focus

Become a customer champion in your organization 

Help you take your customer focus and understanding to the next level, and magnify your Influence by becoming a customer advocate. 

Communication Mastery

Become a communication master

Communicate like the leader that you always want to be.


Magnify your impact without putting in any extra work

​Identify and expand on ways to take your impact to the next level even if you feel like you have to put crazy hours to just keep things going.

Career strategy

Have a clear career path so that you can achieve your potenaial

Look forward three to five years and determine where it is that you need to focus on to grow your career, and what you can do to do that.







You have access to a private mastermind group of your peers in product management, who like you, are focused on getting results and changing the world (and making good money while doing it).





A small sample of our amazing alumni

Ashwin lands his six-month goal in six weeks

Learn how Ashwin attained his six-month plan to go from a product manager (running one team) to running multiple teams and mentoring two PMs in just six weeks.


Priyanka goes from Hands full to Life full and a New Job!

Learn how Priyanka went from being overwhelmed and exhausted to getting the ultimate confidence: knowing that she now has the tools to figure out whatever life throws at her.

Rohit goes from letting his job run him to running his job

Rohit recognizes what is truly important in his career, changes his interviewing and conversation approach, and lands a brand new job! And eventually becomes the CEO of a hot new startup.


Questions your fellow product leaders asked...

It all boils down to this.

You just can't get this kind of training at university
(But it's almost impossible to succeed in product management without it.)


The best time to get a mentor was as you entered the industry.

The next best time is today.  

Investment in the program isn't just about getting to present bold ideas or weathering the latest economic storm.

It's about where you'll be this time 12-months from now.

Will you be valued? Getting tapped for the top projects? Finally earning what you're worth?

Or will you still be standing on quicksand, under-earning, but  surviving? Feeling underappreciated, invisible, and overlooked for promotions that might cost you $1M-plus in your lifetime career?

You have a choice.

You can try to figure this all out on your own using trial and error... you're a product manager after all.

But how long is that going to take you? How many choice projects or promotions do you get passed over for while you're scouring Reddit, Medium, and Google to patch together do-it-yourself career advice.

Or... the next 10-weeks you can fast track your way into leadership in your company—or with a new company who's lucky enough to recruit you—directly responsible for a product or an entire portfolio strategy.

Being visible, trusted, viewed as effective, and making the key connections that you keep for years is the only viable career strategy in product management that doesn't end in burnout. 

Give me a call.