Do you sometimes feel that it's hard to keep up with the demands of Product Management?

This 10-week group coaching program developed and delivered by a Google Product Leader will conquer them

Have you ever felt this way?

  • You find that Product Management brings with it a LOT of busywork, and you don't have time to work on the strategic work that moves the needle forward

  • You are continuously interrupted to fight fires, and you can never really focus on the long term.

  • It seems that you keep going from one meeting to another, most of which look like a waste of time.

  • You spend a lot of time and energy managing stakeholders. You struggle to influence these stakeholders and generate a sense of trust in you.

My students describe this as "Their job was running them, rather than them running the job."

It does NOT have to be this way. You might thing that there is SO MUCH TO DO, but I am here to tell you that there are five core habits that you can master, that will change everything.

Read on to learn more.

Let's go!

Do you know the biggest four mistakes they make that limits the career growth of Product Managers?

I have learned this by coaching hundreds of Product Managers

ONE) They get overwhelmed by their jobs and are not able to have the energy they need to excel at things they matter

TWO) They fail to establish relationships with their team and stakeholders

THREE) They communicate in a way that makes them come across as an order taker and NOT a leader

FOUR) They do not drive the necessary engagement and energy in their teams


In summary, they let their jobs run them rather than them running their jobs.


Have you ever felt that you made one or more of these mistakes? 

Jeff Danzinger

Product Manager at Crayon

One of my students Jeff felt that before taking this class he was mostly responding to things, orchestrating items, and working on other people’s agendas.

The habits he built through this course enabled him to structure himself in a way such that his career trajectory changed.

He felt much happier with his job.

He did much less “stuff” than before, but got more done, and worried less about having to do everything.

He now has a set of tools that he can rely up on in every situation.

Watch him here


What Can You Expect to Learn

The Intentional Product Manager core habits course is a ten week coaching program that enables you to master FIVE CORE HABITS crucial to you being an outstanding product leader. Here are the five practices you will learn:

☑️ Purposeful Presence

  • Purposeful presence or the art of making sure you can handle the pressures of product management with the right attitude. Think of this as the charger that helps you work through the demands of product management.

  • Purposeful presence enables you show up to every situation with the right mindset and right attitude. It helps you make sure that one bad meeting, email or interaction (and I’ve had a lot of those) does not blow up the rest of your day. 

☑️ Consistent Communications

Consistent Communication or the ability to communicate effectively in every situation you face as a Product Manager. This practice includes not just speaking and writing, but also active listening so that you can uncover the right information, understand underlying feelings, and avoid misunderstandings.

☑️ Meaningful meetings

  • Meaningful meetings or the habit of driving productive meetings that instill a high level of energy and engagement in your teams. Most PMs spend their days passively attending meetings that don’t amount to much. Once you master this, you can not just tolerate meetings, but start to use meetings as a tool to shape team culture.

☑️ Powerful Productivity

  • Powerful productivity or the act of designing your schedule strategically so you can achieve things that really matter. As PMs, the days are long, but the weeks and months are short. How often do you stop and reflect on what you achieved in that entire time? With this habit, you will become conscious of how productive you really are, make time for Deep Work, and take your impact to the next level.

☑️ Real Relationships

  • Real relationships or the art of building relationships that help you achieve your goals. The only way Product Managers contribute towards making your product successful is through other people. Building the right relationships is paramount. This practice enables you to identify crucial relationships, objectively analyze where you stand today, and take steps to move the relationship forward everyday. 


Josie-Dee Seagren, Product Manager at Accenture

Shobhit’s class provided the frameworks, tactics, real-world examples, and accountability structure to make tangible strides in my journey to become a more effective and confident PM - and that won’t stop after the course finished. I appreciated his dedication to preparing lessons and asking questions about our homework, as well as his flexibility to change the curriculum based on what the class wanted to work on. - Josie-Dee Seagran, Product Manager at Accenture

How did this course come to be?

Let me quickly share the story of how this course came to me. 

I felt that I was in a hopeless situation because no matter how much effort I spent learning, I wasn't making the impact I set out to as a Product Manager.

I am now the Product Lead for Crashlytics at Google, running the world's most popular crash reporter for mobile apps. I now also coach hundreds of Product Managers every year through Intentional Product Manager.

What drives me is the realization that I had focused on the wrong things early on in my Product Management career. I want you to avoid making this mistake. 

Initially, I thought that being excellent at strategy, having the right prioritization techniques and customer research skills would mean automatic success in Product Management. So when I first started in Product Management, I sought to learn as much as I could. I worked 60 to 80 hour weeks. Studied how great companies had shaped amazing strategies. I learned all about the right way to prioritize. I tried to leverage all the proper customer research techniques.

And yet, I felt what I was doing was not enough. That all the advice I was reading and applying wasn't moving the ball forward. And that I was not moving fast enough. That ultimately, I was spending most of my time on project management rather than product management. 

Eventually, I secured the much-needed "aha moment. I realized that if I focused all this effort towards building soft skills, I will do much better.

That's when I decided to focus on my psychology, productivity and people skills.

From that point on, I focused on learning these skills and converting them into consistent practices that I applied every day. I started to work on myself and how I showed up on my job, with consistency, with intention, and with effort. 

Even with a lack of immediate success and a lot of changes around me, I persisted. I focused on celebrating small wins. And when I learned a practice, I started teaching other product managers. 

Anyone can learn some skills on occasion, but I was dedicated to converting these into practices that other Product Managers could apply. 

This dedication is why I started the Intentional Product Manager Mastermind. I first took the plunge and taught these practices to seven Product Managers. Seven people participated in the mastermind for over ten weeks. The engagement level, the value they had gotten (and express via testimonials and regular referrals) went above and beyond my initial expectations.

Since then, I have taught over 100 students and kept on refining the course to make sure you don't just learn these practices, but start immediately benefit from them.

So let's learn more about the practices.... 

It goes well beyond the habits

You might have found that most courses focus on giving you information. This course focuses on anchoring habits that set you up for long term success.

Increased confidence

I have written before about the Confidence-Competent loop. What this loop implies is that the more confidence we have over a skill, the more quickly we can get better at it. And the more competent we are in it, the more confidence we get.

I have designed each module such that you can apply one aspect of the practice right on day one, and immediately start to feel successful. And with the support of the community, you get more tips and tricks that help you move up the curve right away.

Being a good product manager requires comfort with discomfort. This is your chance to accelerate the confidence that enables you to have comfort with discomfort!

An active, engaged community

Most of us belong to many Product Management LinkedIn groups, Slack groups, local associations, etc.

So why do you need another community?

This one is different.

It's because we all go through the same shared experience of learning, reflecting on, and helping each other improve on Product Management practices.

We study together. We get together and have in-depth conversations about careers.

I've even had some students leave to start their own companies, and they are in constant touch with others. 

When we get together, we get to a level of meaningful conversations that other groups are not able to.

Career acceleration

The skills you build through the mastermind get only more critical the further you get in your career. I've seen them used in creative ways for immediate career acceleration.

I've seen students get immediate recognition from co-workers for applying these practices. 

I've seen participants improve relationships with co-workers and advocate for better role definitions.

I've seen students use the communication habit to excel at interviews.

I've seen students make decisions on their current job not being right for them. And then come out with a much more precise definition of what sort of role is right for them. All because of a renewed sense of confidence, and the support of the community they built.

Greater clarity

Last, but not least, there's clarity.

Clarity might be an unexpected benefit from a course on Product Management habits.

Here's what happens.

The more you apply these practices, the more intentional you become (which is how I ended up naming the course).

This sense of intentionality leads to you reflecting on your goals and motivations.
The increased confidence, the community, and career success help students get a sense of clarity of what they want from their role, their career, and their life in general.


You will gain a better command of your job and your life

At Intentional Product Manager, there is one line that we repeat more often than any other line.

“From today we will run the job, the job will not run us”

The Product Management job has the potential to run your life.

But if you are Intentional, you can take command of your job. You start with small tweaks, and over time, by consistently applying them, you get to the next level of ownership, the next level of enthusiasm, and the next level of engagement with your job.

You are back in command of your job and your life.


Daniel de Repentigny

Senior Product Manager at Pivotal

One of my students Dan is a Senior PM at VMware in Toronto, Canada.

Before working with me, Dan felt like he was trying to feel his way through every situation as a product manager.

After working with me, Dan started to approach each situation intentionally, whether it's running meetings, managing his relationships with people, managing his time better. He realized how he could “run his relationships” with stakeholders much more intentionally, which gave him the confidence to feel in control of every situation.

Dan compared his transformation to switching a light on - before this, he felt like he had a flashlight in a dark room and he would be able to focus it only in narrow beams with the greater room still shrouded in darkness. . With Intentional Product Manager, Dan was able to step back, with the lights on, and ask a broader question: “How do I want to handle this new situation?”

Ultimately this gave Dan the confidence to not just excel at his job, but to recruit for and get a role that offered him the challenge given his capabilities as a Product Manager. He recruited and got a great job offer for one of VMware’s premier products, and went from a Product Manager to a Senior Product Manager. He is excited to be in his new role where he is driving his product forward to new horizons.

So once you master how to run your job, life can truly change.


I have taught Product Managers at

Will you be next?

Ecommerce Product Manager, Converse at Nike

I can’t recommend Shobhit's class enough-- it’s a great opportunity to learn from a really experienced PM the habits that he’s applied over the course of his career to see success.

What You Get When You Sign Up

for the 10-Week Intentional Product Manager Core Habits Course

➡️ 10 Weeks of 1 Hour Live Coaching Instruction 

We spend an hour together every week learning and reflecting on these practices.

➡️ Weekly Q&A 

We will have time for questions, and to share when we will apply when we practice.

➡️ Daily Practice Prompts

You apply this practice everyday, and journal your experiences. 

➡️ Peer Accountability and Practice

I will pair you with one of your peers so that you get the most out of the practice, and have a sense of accountability to apply the practice every day.

➡️ Lifelong Network

Not only will you get to meet ten peers who work through the course material with you. You get access to our exclusive Slack community, and lifetime invitation to our exclusive online and in-person events.

➡️ Coaching Sessions Recording and Worksheets

All classes happen virtually, and will be recorded in case you miss it.  You ill have access to the worksheets for life.

($3000 VALUE)


Worried about spending all this time on the class?

Don't be. Listen to what Sam Feldman, Senior Product Manager at TripAdvisor had to say.

I was worried about committing an hour each week for several months. “How can I possibly take so much time?” I wondered.

I will look back to this course as a pivotal moment in my PM career. It’s easy to proceed on autopilot at job but this class was a welcome slap in the face of intentionality. Shobhit is the mentor you need to ask you “hey, why are you doing what you’re doing?”

This class reminded me of the importance of intentionality - meetings having a goal, emails having a clear next steps, and even relationships having a clear purpose.

I was surprised to realize how many bad habits someone can accumulate that you don’t realize you have until you take a class like this. Even if you work at a well regarded product organization, you can still benefit from applying intentionality to your product thinking. Good habits require thoughts and practice, and also require this class. I’d recommend it for anyone early in their career or anyone late in their career that does things because “that’s how they’ve always done them.

The peer network that I developed was an unexpected benefit that I hope to nurture going forward.

Next cohort starts in March

Next class starts March 6th, Fridays 10 AM - 11 AM EST. I start cohorts regularly. Once you register, I will send you a form to enter your preferences. You can start with the next cohort that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I expect you to attend every class (one hour per week) for ten weeks. Beyond that, it is up to you. Just 15 minutes a day enables you to put the time in applying the habits every day. The more you put in, the more you learn.


I consider it a steal as compared to spending two years on your own learning these habits.

Or hiring me 1:1 for $5,000.


There are five practices taught over a ten week period.

So far 90% of students have gotten reimbursed from their employers. Even if you don't have a formal reimbursement program, just ask your managers! Most managers have been more than glad to invest in their employees.

Contact shobhitchugh at shobhitchugh dot com. I would love to hear from you

My planned start times for classes are as follows: February 7th, Fridays at 9 AM EST.

Other cohorts will be added over time depending on when students express interest.

It's time for your decision

You can learn these habits on your own. I did. It just took me two years to do them.

Or, you can master them in ten weeks.

If you’d like to hire me directly, I can coach you for $500 an hour.

However, I’ve also put my years of experience as a Product Leader and my coaching experience over a 100 students into a ten-week program that enables you to master then ten habits that get you to a Product Leader status.

For thousands less than more university courses, you can learn how to fast-track your product management career directly from me and from several of your peers who will join your cohort.

This is stuff I would charge a minimum of $5,000 for 1:1 coaching clients, but you can learn everything here for $1,297.

If you want to enroll for one of the upcoming classes, I need you to follow these steps:

  1. Click the button below to register
  2. You will get an email that will give you an option of selecting one of the upcoming cohorts. Pick one. If none of them work, let me know via the form and I’ll get in touch to get to know which times work for you

Once space runs out in the cohorts I might not be able to accomodate you so please don’t wait!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Ask for your money back after the first class!

The Intentional Product Manager Core Habits Course has a full satisfaction guarantee. If you are accepted and do not like the first class, ask for your money back


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