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  • I am a Product manager with at least six months of experience
  • I’m doing all the right things. Prioritizing features. Interviewing customers. Answering questions. Working with design teams to get  ready for the next big feature. Launching the next version. Testing my product. Keeping stakeholders informed. But it seems like this job is running me rather than me running this job. I know I can be more effective and happier, but there is just so much to do!
  • I’ve seen a lot of advice out on the internet. Heck, I could find 100 articles in 3 minutes and 10 books without a problem. But I don’t feel like I am getting measurably better
  • I feel out of harmony with myself, with my team, with my company. Something is not right.
  • I question: am I the only one that faces this struggles? Am I falling behind? Am I doing the right things to advance in my role?

I’ve been there. Worked 60 to 80 hour weeks. Yet feeling like it was not enough. That what I was doing wasn’t working. That all the advice I was reading and applying wasn’t really moving the ball forward.

Product Management is a tough, ambiguous role. I get it.

It’s easy to go with the flow, with what other people’s schedules and priorities dictate rather than where we want to go.

And there is a lot of knowledge out there. Literally  hundreds of blogs, podcasts and courses that give you good, well meaning advice.

But many of us read it all, and then go back to our day to day as a Product Manager with no significant change. We get a lot of great knowledge. But great knowledge does not always lead to great outcomes.

This was my struggle too.

I have had lists of literally hundreds of extracted articles stored in Evernote . And I used to review them consistently. But I struggled to apply them on a consistent, day to day basis. It was great knowledge, great things to share about with fellow product managers. But I found I was not improving as much as I liked.

Over time, this started to change. When I started building consistent practices that I applied every day. I broke down a lot of the advice, wisdom, and practices offered and started to work on myself and how I showed up on my job, with consistency, with intention, and with effort. Making sure that I did not just apply a piece of advice once but built a habit out of it so that I was showing up day after day with consistency, with intention, and recording my improvements. And documenting my wins, so that I was inspired to improve week after week after week.

Practices became habits. Habits that applied whether I was in startups like Lattice Engines or Tamr, or at a company like Google.

I then took the plunge and taught these practices to seven Product Managers. 10 weeks, five practices. Seven people go through the course. Six out of seven people either have, or are giving me testimonials to put here with their names and photos! As a product, this course in its alpha form has a CSAT of 86%.

When you enroll you will get

Bi-weekly instruction

Once every two weeks, I will spend an hour teaching these practices.  All classes happen virtually, and will be recorded in case you miss it. We will have time for questions, and to share when we will apply when we practice.

Daily practice with a peer

You apply this practice everyday, and journal your experiences. I will pair you with one of your peers so that you get the most out of the practice, and have a sense of accountability to apply the practice every day.

Lifelong network

Not only will you get to meet ten peers who work through the course material with you. You get access to our exclusive Slack community, and lifetime invitation to our exclusive online and in-person events.

Shobhit takes you on a deep-dive into:

  • Purposeful Presence

    How do you show up in every meeting, every interaction, every focused time that you spend working? How do you make sure that one bad meeting, email or interaction (and I’ve had a lot of those) does not blow up the rest of your day. 

    This practice is simple, but not easy. As you work on it for two weeks, you will start to see a change in your attitude, your presence, your ability to go through the demands of the day and come out still energized, still showing up as your best self. Think of this as the charger that helps you work through the demands of product management.

    Consistent Communications

    Communication is one of the cornerstones of Product Management. We all know that. Yet how much time have we spent in building up our ability to communicate effectively in every situation? In conflicts, in status updates, during problem solving? And have we mastered the most essential kind of communication you do: storytelling?

    This module guides Product Managers in being able to improve communication by applying the practice several times a day.

    Meaningful meetings

    Yes, meetings can be meaningful, and amazing! And given how much time we spend on them as PMs, most meetings should be amazing, should leave participants energized, should result in great outcomes and energy. Yet most of us spend our days passively attending meetings where at the end you wish you never attended.

    This habit is all about better meetings; including the art of eliminating meetings. Whether you are an attendee or the organizer, you will apply this habit everyday to design effective meetings and nudge your entire team to start to value and improve every single meeting they attend.

    Powerful productivity

  • As PMs, the days are long but the weeks and months are short. Do you want to reflect back and question what you achieved in that entire time? I certainly have. This habit is all about designing your schedule strategically, making time for Deep Work, and being more productive everyday.

    Real relationships

    We all know building stronger relationships is essential. But which relationships really matter? How do you know where you stand currently in a relationship? And how do you start to move in the right direction?

    This habit is all about identifying crucial relationships and stakeholders, analyzing where we stand, and moving forward these relationships day to day, and repairing ones that might be going in the wrong direction


Now these practices might seem very basic. This course is based on the premise that to be great, you have to work on the foundations. Now you might say - hey Shobhit, I already know all this stuff. But let me ask you. 

Are you applying these on a day to day basis?

​Are you maximizing the practice rather than the knowledge?

You can stop here and say that you know this stuff and don’t need this course. That’s okay. But I realized the gap once I started to put learnings from psychology, from personal development, from cognitive science into practices that worked in a product management context.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Ask for your money back after the first class!

The Intentional Product Manager Foundations course has a full satisfaction guarantee. If you are accepted and do not like the first class, ask for your money back

Frequently Asked Questions

I expect you to attend every class (one hour per week) for ten weeks. Beyond that, it is up to you. Just 15 minutes a day enables you to put the time in applying the habits every day. The more you put in, the more you learn.

I plan to price this class at $1,497 for the 10 week course.

Since you will be one of the early adopters of this class, I am offering you to take the class at 75% off for $397.

I expect that most students can get reimbursed from their employees. If you cannot, just note that in the application and explain your extenuating circumstances. I do not want to turn anyone away as long as they are a good fit, and will offer a limited number of scholarships.

There are five practices taught over a ten week period.

Based on the pilot, I accept 20% of applicants. What helps your chances:

  • Atleast 6 months of Product Management experience
  • A passion and dedication to learning
  • A positive attitude :)

Application ends May 25th

After this time, price goes up to $497









"Shobhit’s class provided the frameworks, tactics, real-world examples, and accountability structure to make tangible strides in my journey to become a more effective and confident PM - and that won’t stop after the course finished. I appreciated his dedication to preparing lessons and asking questions about our homework, as well as his flexibility to change the curriculum based on what the class wanted to work on."

Josie-Dee Seagren
Product Manager at Accenture

"As a relatively new PM I was pretty nervous about being unable to keep up with this class or unable to contribute meaningfully to the discussion. I was nervous that the lessons would be around skills that an entry level PM wouldn’t actually need to use, or have the opportunity to practice on a regular basis. My fears were completely groundless however-- it quickly became clear that this class would be very practical and perfect for people who are looking to make incremental improvements every single week. Our weekly meetings were incredibly valuable-- first, the lessons from Shobhit were very practical and informative and then the bi-weekly discussions around how the practice was going tremendously helpful in understanding how others in the group were applying the lessons and what modifications they were making. Hearing concrete examples of the practices “in the field” was a great way to trigger ideas for how to better apply it in my own work situation. I can’t recommend this class enough-- it’s a great opportunity to learn from a really experienced PM the habits that he’s applied over the course of his career to see success."

Sarah Laeuchli
Operations and Product Manager at Giant Otter Technologies

"Shobhit is clearly passionate about professional development and has curated his research and study into strategies to help PMs be most effective in their workplaces. This class is full of tips and tricks for PMs who want to be more intentional about their everyday interactions with colleagues and clients. In particular, I appreciated that Shobhit’s strategies were so approachable. "

Kim Karter
Product Management at Smartleaf

"I was worried about committing an hour each week for several months. “How can I possibly take so much time?” I wondered. I will look back to this course as a pivotal moment in my PM career. It’s easy to proceed on autopilot at job but this class was a welcome slap in the face of intentionality. Shobhit is the mentor you need to ask you “hey, why are you doing what you’re doing?” This class reminded me of the importance of intentionality - meetings having a goal, emails having a clear next steps, and even relationships having a clear purpose. I was surprised to realize how many bad habits someone can accumulate that you don’t realize you have until you take a class like this. Even if you work at a well regarded product organization, you can still benefit from applying intentionality to your product thinking. Good habits require thoughts and practice, and also require this class. I’d recommend it for anyone early in their career or anyone late in their career that does things because “that’s how they’ve always done them. The peer network that I developed was an unexpected benefit that I hope to nurture going forward. "

Sam Feldman
Senior Product Manager at TripAdvisor

"The Intentional Product Manager gave me an opportunity to connect with other Product Managers at similar points in our careers. Not only did we cover a wide range of topics in the course from state before strategy, to meetings, to relationship building, but each week we got time to practice and reflect on the material. This gave me the opportunity to learn and implement what I learned in my day to day job which I loved! It also allowed us as a group to share experiences, get advice, and learn from each other. I highly recommend this course to PM’s who are just starting out or those who are in the middle of their career and need a few other tools in their PM toolbox"

Emma Adelman
Ecommerce Product Manager, Converse at Nike

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