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Core Habits Course

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In order to deliver exceptional results I only take on FIVE clients for Certified High Performance Coaching™.

About Shobhit

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I am Shobhit. I am the Founder, Creator, Master Coach and CEO of the most revolutionary coaching program for product managers called "The Intentional Product Manager!" and a coach to top Entrepreneurs and Executives. 

I also serve as the Product Manager at Google for Crashlytics, which is used by most mobile apps to track and fix crashes. I spent several years as Startup Founder, Product Lead and Engineering Manager, and two eventful years as a McKinsey consultant. My daughter thinks I make the best dad jokes, but my co-workers (somewhat respectfully) disagree.


Shobhit Chugh
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Shobhit with Brendon Burchard, New York Times bestselling author
of High Performance Habits and founder of High Performance Institute.

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