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Product Managers: are you worried about how fast you are progressing in your career?

Do you feel that you need to work extra hard to get any work done in your organization, while others seem to move effortlessly? That you get stuck with products that are not that impactful, while others get the products that really matter?  And that others are getting ahead while you are stuck at the same level?

Even though it feels like there are a million variables at play, the success of your career comes down to one two key factors: HOW WELL YOU COMMUNICATE WITH AND INFLUENCE OTHERS.

Most people think Influence and Communication skills are something you're born with - you either have it or you don't. But that's not true! These are skills that you can develop - and develop QUITE FAST if you are committed to doing so.


What stops you from Influencing people more?

From the 100s of PMs I have coached, you know what are the four biggest barriers to their ability to influence others?

For the people they are trying to influence:

ONE.) They don’t uncover what their true needs are

TWO.) They are unclear in their communications

THREE.) They don't tell great stories and hence don’t engage them emotionally

FOUR.) They don't build ongoing trust that enables the relationship to the next level

By doing these four things, I’ve been able to get my students to become significantly more influential. More importantly, I have enabled them to give up their hang ups about influencing people and getting them to LOVE to influence their team, their customers, and their stakeholders.

I am the Founder, Creator, Master Coach and CEO of the most revolutionary coaching program for product managers called "The Intentional Product Manager'!" 

I coach Product Managers 1:1, and teach two classes called the "Intentional Product Manager" and the "Influential Product Manager."

During the day, I serve as the Product Manager at Google for Crashlytics, which is used by most mobile apps to track and fix crashes. I spent several years as Startup Founder, Product Lead and Engineering Manager, and two eventful years as a McKinsey consultant. My daughter thinks I make the best dad jokes, but my co-workers (somewhat respectfully) disagree.

Here's a story of one of my students

This student of mine always used to worry about their prioritization process, and explaining why they made the decisions they made to their engineers and their stakeholders. They were fearful that they did not have data to back each and every decision they made.

I coached them on how to engage emotions and storytelling in addition to rational explanations.

They were able to then engage some of the hardest to convince engineers behind their prioritization, and win them over as avid supporters.

Now I could coach you directly as well, but I can only accommodate two clients a month and it costs a lot of $$$

I recently interviewed for a new role. By using the core communication skills - especially the SOAR method for better listening skills - I was able to build a much better rapport with my interviewers. This helped me land a role aligned with my own life mission, while showing an increased level of confidence and candor in my interviews!

- Rohit Shenoy, Senior Product Manager at Indigo

Here's what you gain from the class

In ten weeks, you would have experienced a HUGE surge in your level of confidence in your ability to influence others. 

  • You would understand why 90% of PMs suck at Influence, even after they recognize that it is SUCH an important skill
  • You would have had a significant mindset shift and gotten over the roadblocks that cause most Product Managers to fall short in persuading and influencing others
  • You would have had experience having conversations that have long-term, career-changing impact 
  • You would have built confidence in asking for more (resources, responsibility, and riches) without coming across as an ass
  • You would have understood the secrets of building and delivering an amazing presentation with confidence
  • You would have access to templates and worksheets you can refer to for the rest of your life
  • You would have workshopped and gotten advice on your Influence situations from your classmates

In this class, you will learn

Communicate with clarity and confidence in every situation

If people don't understand you, they do not believe you. If they see a lack of confidence, they perceive you to be less competent.

Clarity matters.

This class will enable you to be 100% clear and confident in your communication even if you know you are not great at this skill right now, and even in the most challenging of circumstances.


Facilitating Influence

Same facts. Same situation. Same people. Radically different outcomes. 

So many times, we assume the situation "is what it is" and that we don't have the power to alter our fate. Influence is the X-factor that can help you see the path to dramatically different results.

What if you could effectively influence by first empathizing and understanding what motivates people, and tying your message to their needs? Rather than doing hard-selling, you will learn to recognize why and how Influence can just be a natural next step in the conversation. 


Becoming a conversational NINJA

Have you ever avoided a conversation that you know that you needed to have? Has a desire for comfort taken you off the direct path to achieving your goals?

Or even worse, have you ever had the difficult conversation, and then felt you came out worse as a result?

As a Product Manager, you are likely to face more difficult conversations than people in other positions. Examples include stopping work which no longer aligns with top priorities, giving feedback to others, negotiating roadmaps, and apologizing when you dropped the ball.

Mastering “difficult conversations” gives Product Managers superpowers. You get confidence to advocate for new product ideas, drive changes in how your organization functions, and are enabled to lead your group.

Let's get you becoming an absolute NINJA in conversations so that you have the superpowers to lead, influence, and facilitate.


Managing stakeholders

Do you ever stay awake worried about your stakeholders, and their asks? There is a good chance that you have not yet deeply engaged with them, built relationships with them, and gotten to a deep level of trust with them. We'll change that by enabling you to become a master at that skill!



Sometimes you have to negotiate! Practice negotiation cases, learn techniques, and make sure you prepare well when you need to negotiate. 



Storytelling differentiates the average Product Managers from the awesome Product Managers. There is literally no other skill that comes close when it comes to differentiating PMs. Given that PMs lead by influence, not being able to tell a consistent, compelling story, is going to slow down your career progress. Let's make sure that doesn't happen by giving you the skills to tell effective stories on the fly that engage, influence, and motivate your team, stakeholders, and your customers.


Product Management situations of Influence

Let's land everything we have learned. We will go deeper into specific circumstances that product managers face and build upon, that includes

  • Influencing and inspiring cross-functional teams
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Negotiating additional resources and help for your product
  • Shaping product vision and getting buy-in from stakeholders
  • Developing your role to be more strategic, and to focus on activities you want to do more of

What's part of the program

️ 10 Weeks of Learning

Every week you get access to video lessons that you are prepared with ahead of time

️  1 Hour Group Coaching and Practice 

We spend an hour together every week practicing these skills and refining them


️ Weekly Q&A 

You will have access to two additional Q&A sessions with me during these 10 weeks.


➡️ Daily Practice Prompts

You apply this practice every day and journal your experiences. 


 ️ Peer Accountability and Practice

I will pair you with one of your peers so that you get the most out of the practice, and have a sense of accountability to apply the practice every day.


️ Lifelong Network

Not only will you get to meet ten peers who work through the course material with you. You get access to our exclusive Slack community and lifetime invitation to our exclusive online and in-person events.


️ Coaching Sessions Recording and Worksheets

All coaching sessions happen virtually and will be recorded in case you miss it.  You will have access to the worksheets for life.


Is this worth it for you?

If you’d like to hire me directly, I charge $500 an hour. So for ten coaching sessions, it’s $5,000.

Or you can engage and learn from me and with your fellow Product Managers via live group coaching sessions, and shorten learning two years of learning Influence skills into ten weeks.

Imagine: what it would do for your career?
How much faster could you get raises and get promotions if you can influence better?

What would it mean for you to communicate like a Product Leader
It is worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

It's your time to act!

If you like to apply for the class, set up a breakthrough session with me. We will spend time going through your career and see if you qualify for this class. I want to make sure you can contribute to your peers, as peer learning is such an important part of the class.

Only if you are dedicated and can apply the practices every day will I accept you.

So get started with a free session using the button below.


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