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The Influential Product Manager Offer

By the end of the course you would have 

  • Had a major mindset shift Preventing the one mindset shift PMs need to have in order to change how they influence
  • Teaches you ways of having long term, career changing influence over others
  • Building your confidence in asking for more (resources, responsibility, and riches)
  • Have templates and methods you can use to prepare for any crucial influence situation
  • Workshop your Influence situations with your classmates!
  • Understand why 90% of PMs suck at Influence, even after talking about it non stop

What you get

  • Ten weeks of group coaching sessions with Shobhit



After you submit your deposit, Shobhit will reach out to review your profile and interview you and make sure you are a good fit for this program

What People Are Saying:

“I was worried about committing an hour each week for several months. “How can I possibly take so much time?” I wondered. I will look back to this course as a pivotal moment in my PM career. It’s easy to proceed on autopilot at job but this class was a welcome slap in the face of intentionality. Shobhit is the mentor you need to ask you “hey, why are you doing what you’re doing?” This class reminded me of the importance of intentionality - meetings having a goal, emails having a clear next steps, and even relationships having a clear purpose. I was surprised to realize how many bad habits someone can accumulate that you don’t realize you have until you take a class like this. Even if you work at a well regarded product organization, you can still benefit from applying intentionality to your product thinking. Good habits require thoughts and practice, and also require this class. I’d recommend it for anyone early in their career or anyone late in their career that does things because “that’s how they’ve always done them. The peer network that I developed was an unexpected benefit that I hope to nurture going forward.”

Sam Feldman, Tripadvisor