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I teach product managers how to up level their skills, get to the next stage in their career and make a powerful impact all by growing their confidence.


Arm Yourself With the Necessary Soft Skills to Grow Your Career

Are you an effective Product Manager?

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Meet Shobhit

Founder of Intentional Product Manger & Product Manager at Google

Shobhit Chugh is passionate about building amazing technology products, learning and teaching. In his day job, he serves as the Product Manager at Google for Crashlytics, which is used by most mobile apps to track and fix crashes. After spending 7 years in sales and engineering learning how to build and sell products, Shobhit got an MBA, did a stint as a consultant at McKinsey, and made the switch to product management to learn how to manage products end to end. During his MBA program, Shobhit founded a startup called Adaptly, which ultimately grew to 150 people and sold to Accenture.

 Shobhit loves to learn, and believes the best way to learn is by writing and teaching. He runs a mastermind class called the Intentional Product Manager,  that helps Product Managers build skills that can set them up for success over the long term, including communication, relationship building and stakeholder management. He shares his lessons from his experience in product management and entrepreneurship through his Medium blog. His daughter thinks he makes the best dad jokes, but his co-workers (somewhat respectfully) disagree.

I have trained Product Managers at

"Shobhit’s class provided the frameworks, tactics, real-world examples, and accountability structure to make tangible strides in my journey to become a more effective and confident PM - and that won’t stop after the course finished."

Josie-Dee Seagren
Product Manager at Accenture

"I can’t recommend Shobhit's class enough-- it’s a great opportunity to learn from a really experienced PM the habits that he’s applied over the course of his career to see success."

Sarah Laeuchli
Product Manager at Giant Otter Technologies

"I highly recommend this course to PM’s who are just starting out or those who are in the middle of their career and need a few other tools in their PM toolbox"

Emma Adelman
Ecommerce Product Manager, Converse at Nike

Product Management is a tough, busy role.

Are you engaged in every interaction?

Are you doing enough to manage your energy, to make sure you bring your best self to every interaction and every period of focused work?

Do you know how to tailor your presence to what the situation demands of you?

Can you be encouraging, calming, assertive, or understanding, depending on demand?

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The "Presence Multiplier" technique to help you make the best of every minute you spend as a Product Manager.


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Increase your Product Management Presence

Product Management is a tough, busy role. Are you doing enough to manage your energy, to make sure you bring your best self to every interaction and every period of focused, busy role? 

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