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"Shobhit’s class provided the frameworks, tactics, real-world examples, and accountability structure to make tangible strides in my journey to become a more effective and confident PM - and that won’t stop after the course finished."

Josie-Dee Seagren

Product Manager at Accenture

"I highly recommend this course to PM’s who are just starting out or those who are in the middle of their career and need a few other tools in their PM toolbox"

Emma Adelman

Product Manager at Nike

"I can’t recommend Shobhit's class enough-- it’s a great opportunity to learn from a really experienced PM the habits that he’s applied over the course of his career to see success."

Sarah Laeuchli

Senior Product Manager at Drift

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Have you been struggling to reach your goals and create the life — personally and professionally — you desire?

Intentional coaching can help you get there.


Product Leader Blueprint

Are you stuck in your current role and unable to break through to the next level? Are you looking to magnify your impact in Product leadership roles?

Here's how to overcome them!



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