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I’m Shobhit Chugh and I help Product Managers position themselves to become Product Leaders, so they raise their income as much as 50%, command the respect their hard work deserves and have an intentional career and life they can be truly proud of.

I left Google full-time to dedicate myself to inspire other Product Managers to think for themselves, while challenging them to grow so they can achieve their true potential while experiencing more joy in every moment of their lives.

But that’s not where this journey began.

I used to work at a startup which was my third product management job. I had finished the first year. It was around the holidays. We had completed our feedback process, and one day my manager told me “Shobhit, you were a good solider but not a good general.”
I had performed below expectations. I had become a follower at a startup with opportunities to lead everywhere.

I spent the next year rebuilding from that setback. I took away one major lesson from this journey: it does not matter what you do; it only matters what you get known for. In my first year at the startup, I did many things. I wrote strategy documents, tested the software, did test environment setups, facilitated meetings, introduced new product management processes, and answered engineering questions.

I was so eager to do and contribute that I had no apparent intent of what I would be known for.
In the second year, I cut down on what I did. I refocused first on regaining the trust of my coworkers and team; then, I set out to build and refine a clear narrative.
Rather than always being worried about doing more, I instead refocused on what I would be known for, and my core contributions would be.

Fast forward, when I left that company at the end of the following year, the CEO called me a rockstar, one of the company's best leaders, and expressed that he worried about how to replace me.

That’s where Intentional Product Manager was born. I wanted a world where product managers are well respected by their peers, and hit their potential.


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