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It takes a Product Manager to find great Product Managers.

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Shobhit Chugh

CEO @ Intentional Product Manager. Ex-Google PM. We help PMs fast-track their career to CPO.

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Sam Feldman

Ex-Google, Tripadvisor, and Trello Product Strategist, Fractional PM, and PM Career Coach 👋

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Background and Specialty


Shobhit and Sam have helped 500+ Product Managers across top-tier companies. Through Intentional Product Manager (link), we help Product Leaders land their next role or grow in their careers. This program has helped Sr PMs, GPMs, and even CPOs, move to excellent product companies.

On the other side, we partner with companies to help them make the right hires either from our current coaching clients or our wide network in the product management profession.

How is this different? 


We are product practitioners and coaches of product managers.

We understand what it takes to be successful in the role, what skills are required, what experience is required, and also what it takes to build the right product team for the stage of the company and product-market fit.

Unlike other recruiting agencies, we will not waste your time by sending you tons of unqualified candidates. We pre-screen and only send a select few resumes, all of whom should be a fit for the agreed-upon position. This way you spend less time screening and interviewing candidates and more on building products. We maintain clear communication and expectation setting each step of the way.

We only work with companies that are successful, growing, and can help our community advance their careers.



Our goal is to help find top candidates for open PM positions. We will actively source, recruit, and screen candidates. Our work includes typically, but, is not limited to the following:



Conducting an Initial Needs Assessment

with you to formulate criteria for candidate selection, skills mix, background, and helping develop the job description.



Identify potential candidates and candidate screening

from our talent pool, resume reviews, networking, and direct outreach.



Conduct First round interview

and (if applicable) sending take-home assignments.



Candidate completes your interview process.



Assist with the acceptance of job offer.

The recruitment process takes 1 - 3 months on average,

depending largely on your interview process.


We charge a % of the annual base salary. Bulk pricing is available.

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Success Stories

Our most recent success story involved finding the Chief Product Officer for We first met Etie in December and he was looking for someone with a very specific AI/ML background, B2B experience, and familiarity with the Customer Success domain. Even though we were all away for a few weeks for the holidays, by mid-Jan we had introduced them to the candidate that they ended up hiring. He fit their profile perfectly.

AI/ML | B2B | SaaS

Candidate Bill of Rights

To ensure all applicants have the best possible experience and your brand stands out for providing an exceptional candidate experience, we ask our clients to:

✔️ Provide clear next steps on each phase of the interview.
✔️ Provide timely communication within 24hrs or expectations of when you'll have an update.
✔️ Only recommend opportunities that advance a candidate's career and align with their goals.