5 Steps our Product Manager Clients Take to Land Their Dream Job and Increase Their Salary by 200%+

(Even if they’re targeting Google, Amazon, or Facebook).

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On this masterclass, you'll discover:

  • The step-by-step game plan our clients use to go from product manager or aspiring product manager to product leader, even if they've been stuck in the same position (with the same pay) for YEARS.
  • Why applying to 100s of jobs online is the WORST way to land your DREAM ROLE, and the much faster, simpler way our clients advance their careers instead.
  • How they build rock-solid confidence, so they interview with ease, even if they've always been shy or introverted.
  • The secret strategy they use to build their 'brand,' so that recruiters line up to send them job opportunities.
  • What they're doing to not just gain more responsibility, but finally earn what they deserve, finally giving them the freedom to live the life they've always wanted.
  • And, how they do ALL this, even if they've never been a product manager before or think they lack confidence.

Shobhit Chugh

Shobhit Chugh is the Founder of Intentional Product Manager. He has worked as a Product Manager for companies from early stage startups to Google, and Coached 100s of Product Managers to achieve amazing things in their Career.