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How to summon your highest energy for 2020

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2020

In this video, I am sharing this one key that made it possible for me to accomplish a lot more than ever before.  It’s learning how to get re-energized fast. This is very dear to my heart and I’m sharing it with you. Do these easy steps and you’ll be amazed at the number of tasks you can accomplish.

There are three main things that I do:

First, know how to structure your day so you are doing similar activities together.  When you transition from one activity to another that are so different in nature will cause you to lose more energy.  Start bucketing your like activities together. This step has been so critical for my success in 2019 and allowed me to deliver what’s really important for my team.

Remember, we don’t lose energy working through the day.  We lose energy from transition.

Next, transition to the activities well by setting your intention right for those activities.  Be clear on your output and why it’s important. Be emotionally invested

Third, do something that energizes you.  There are many ways to do this. It’s called a transition routine.  Take a few minutes to do this and you’ll be all energized for anything.

2020  is here and I’m sure you have several goals now.  So, buy Make sure you bring your energy to this new decade!


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Hey this is Shobhit, founder of Intentional Product Manager.

Happy new year.  Happy 2020. Happy new decade to all of you!

What an awesome start for today.  What I want to talk about today is something that’s very near and dear to my heart.  It’s something that I think has made 2019 the best year of my life. Just this one thing alone, along with a whole bunch of other changes, led to maybe able to accomplish a lot more, than I did in 2018, 2017 or ever before.  And what is that one thing. It’s learning how to get re-energize fast or in an instant. You know, be something like one of these kitties that we just got, this is Azuka. Say hi to azuka. Hi. That wasn’t really planned, she decided to jump on me.  So, there. You meet Azuka.

It’s all about getting energized fast and it’s all about not losing your energy throughout the day so that you can deliver your best whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening. 

So, how do I do that?  I’m gonna walk you through three main things that I follow to do that.  And I want you to try to adopt one, two or all three of them in 2020 to make sure  you’re energized in whatever you do. So let’s get started.

The number one thing that you must do if you must know how to structure your day so that you’re doing light activities together.  What do I mean by that? So, let’s say you have a bunch of tasks. You have some creative activities to do, you have focus activities to do, you have emails to answer.  What you cannot do is interleave them one after another and expect to have any sort of energy left. Because look, we don’t lose energy working through the day. We lose energy in transitions.  We lose energy when we’re going from really focusing hard on something to doing something that doesn’t require as much brain power. You know, maybe email or ordering something off of amazon or taking care of a chore and what happens is that in that transition you’ve lost the momentum but you’ve also lost your energy.  And it’s so hard to gain that back. So what I want you to do is to start clubbing or bucketing your activities together so that you do like activities together. So, be focused. Go to two hour of focus activities, take a break, go to an hour of emails and other activities, maybe talking to people things that don’t require your mental concentration as much.  Then, very intentionally, go back to the focus activities.

This concept of bucketing has been so critical for me for success in 2019.  I’ve re-done my entire schedule. I have now at least three mornings where I work with like few chunks of focus time and that enables me to deliver what’s really important for my team, ultimately.  So you should and must make time for these focus activities.

Now that you’ve made time for these focus activities, it’s important that you transition into them well. And my next two points relate to that transition.  So, number one is all about setting your intention right for those activities. What that means is, are you clear about what you’re trying to get out of those?  That’s the number one thing. What exactly will you accomplish? If it’s something like a focus activity, maybe it’s just the output that you want to proceed there.  So, you’re getting clear into what that output is. But the other thing that is so critical here is not just clarity on what the output is but why it’s important. Truly feeling emotionally in your heart why does that matter.  Look, I had to do that before I started recording this video, right? Despite the fact that it’s a busy Jan. first, kids are running around, the cats are jumping here and there, you’ve seen one of them. Here’s the other one, jumping all around.  Why is that, why does it really matter that I create this video and share it with you today? Right. I had to be very clear for me to actually go and do this and do this with the intention. So, I want you to be clear about what you’re going to achieve and why is that important to you.  The number three thing is all about then transitioning into that activity in a way that you have the energy for it. And there’s a lot of ways you can do that. My favorite is sit down, close your eyes and what you do is for a minute release all the tension in your body and you transition into the activity.  In addition to that what I also like to do is to do physical warm-up. Right. You know, get in the best state by doing something that energizes me.  And I’m going to show you one routine that I learned at the high performance Academy last year from Brendon Burchard that works you know very well to stretch myself out, get me all in the right shape to then go and attack that activity with full energy.  So, are you ready for this? So, here’s how it works. It’s based on Shegog which some of you might be familiar with.  And the cool thing is what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to loosen every part of your body by cupping your hand and then hitting it with it.  So, let me demonstrate what I do. So, first of all, I put my arm out. First arm out left and I start with my fingertips and I go like this. And I’m not doing it gently.  I am really trying to feel the impact.  And this is what I’m doing.  Now, my arm is energized. It’s good to go.  I do the same thing with my other arm. One hit at a time.  I’m doing it a little faster than I normally do just to show it to you.  Wait, now that I did that, what I do is I do something very similar so I stand up and I’m gonna try to move the video here.  I hope you can still see me there. What I do is I stretch arm and then I go down from under my armpit down to my side. All the way down. Do the other side.  And do it slower than what I’m doing here but also make sure it’s intense. Make sure you’re really hitting yourself in some sense so that you get to be energized.  I’m gonna move this further down now to show you what I do with my legs. So I’m gonna move my leg up. So I normally don’t raise it on something but I just hold my leg up and then I start from the bottom.  I’m hitting my leg and moving the energy up throughout my body. And your one hand is on the front here and one at the back. And I do the same with the other. You get the point. Moving back on getting fully energized.


And with that I am already feeling so much more energized and ready to get focused on this activity to do this with you.  To be so present, that’s my routine, right? That’s how I get grounded, I get energized and make sure I don't lose  energy in the transition.  2020 is here and you probably have a lot of resolutions.  You know you want to do a lot of great things but you’ll never get there unless you have the energy to do it.  So I want you to club your activities, bucket them throughout the day, number one so that you don’t lose energy during those transitions.  Second, the intention about the transition. Make sure you are clear about what you want out of that situation and why does that really matter to you.  Connect with it emotionally. And then last, but not least, when you go into that activity, have a transition routine. You know this routine I showed you, it takes two minutes.  It doesn’t even take two minutes. You could go into the conference room, go do it and then be all energized for whatever you want to do next.

Here’s to a great 2020, happy new year to all of you.  Make sure you bring your energy to this year and I look forward to hearing about all the great things you are going to achieve.  Bye.

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