Seven Signs that Mindset Issues Block You

mindset signs May 26, 2021

Your mindset determines how you perceive the world, yourself, and the future. It helps you define what is true for you. It is the lens via which we see everything. 

I have had the pleasure of coaching 100s of high performers. When they start working with me, they often just want to know about the right strategy or the right approach to achieve a goal.

More often than not, they need to change their psychology to get to the next level. 

When we do not get our mindset or psychology right, it is a huge struggle. We hit this proverbial brick wall. No matter how hard we try, we cannot seem to break through it and get to that raise, that promotion, or the happy, accomplished life we are after.

But when we do get it right, it’s freeing. We can act without worry. We recognize our valuable work and feel happy and fulfilled. 

At times it can be difficult to gauge our mindset; so here are my seven signs of mindset issues blocking your progress in product management:

  1. You...
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