Seven Dangerous Myths of the Job Search

I have helped hundreds of Product Managers land notable roles. I have had the privilege of celebrating with them and hearing their stories, but it is not without doing the work.

I don’t pretend that the job search is not a difficult feat. It can be daunting and tedious. Not to mention, the fear of not choosing the proper role can be stifling. But, the mindset by which we walk into this process can change it all. So, it’s vital to debunk the myths that are holding us back. 

Your job search should not be stressful. Instead, it should be intentional and give you more clarity than you had before. And most importantly, it should land you the role that will grow you, raise your standards, and make you happy.

Over the years, I have come across seven myths that have continually caused Product Managers to create their own roadblocks. Together, we unravel them.

Here are my seven dangerous myths of the job search:

  1. Product Management doesn’t pay as well as other...
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8 New Trends in Product Management Jobs


At this point, I have helped hundreds of clients get jobs they are proud of. Not only are they proud of their jobs, but they are also proud of their lives and persons as a whole. 

Over the last few weeks, the market has made an enormous pivot! This pivot should be exciting!

If I could wish one thing for anyone reading this, it’s that you would take advantage of these trends. Because of this shift in the market, one of my clients went from never having held any formal product titles to a Director, PM job. There are growing opportunities for better jobs and, ultimately, better lives. 

Here are the eight new trends in product management jobs:

  1. The market is opening up across the board
  2. Senior roles are hiring at a level better than any time in the past year
  3. FAANG companies are picking up in hiring
  4. Remote work divergence across companies
  5. People can level up as they make their transitions
  6. More people are transitioning from non-product experiences to product...
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