Lessons from IPM Superstars

Over the years, I have had the privilege of coaching hundreds of clients. Their experiences drive me because I know that every person deserves to live a happy, fulfilling life - especially in their career.

Each of my clients has come to me with varying frustration levels and an immense desire to change their outcome.

By now, I have heard almost every problem under the sun: from not knowing what is going wrong during interviews to desiring results that may seem impossible. And from not having enough confidence to feeling overwhelmed. These are not minor problems, and they can be genuine and formidable opponents to conquer. 

The worst part is that when we feel stuck in these frustrations, they can multiply fast. 

However, it is more than possible to get these things right. Those frustrations can be the very things that drive us to make changes. 

Somehow, a six-month plan of promotion can suddenly happen in six weeks. Dream jobs start to appear. The fog clears, and we...

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