What To Do When You Feel Stuck in Your Career

stuck unhappy Mar 30, 2021

“I feel stuck in my career.”

Those are words that I constantly hear, especially when I speak to product managers. We all feel as though we are stuck at some point or another. The question to ask ourselves is, “what am I going to do about it?”.

A few of my clients have been in this situation as well. After working together to become unstuck, one of them landed a new role with a 30% increase in compensation. They all received more opportunities and expressed that they were happier in their positions.

When we feel stuck, we can get stuck in a mundane routine. We feel unappreciated. We think that we have no choice in our careers. We lose sleep, and our health can decline. Even the people and the circumstances surrounding us genuinely feel like they are all out to get us. 

BUT when we get unstuck, big things change. 

We get the right combination of flow and hustle. We get promotions and raises. We begin getting recognized for excellent work. Recruiters start noticing us. More than all of those benefits put together, we have the satisfaction of forward momentum, and we are delighted in our careers.

Now all of that sounds pretty amazing, right? So how do we get there?

Here are my keys to getting unstuck:

  1. See your circumstances as an effect of your actions, not a cause
  2. Showcase your work
  3. Gain clarity on what will move you forward in your career.
  4. Drive faster decisions
  5. Seek out help

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