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5 Mistakes in Looking for a Product Manager Role

interviews Mar 11, 2021


Searching for new positions and the interviewing process in itself can be a grueling task. It can become mundane and joyless. It should not be this way. When we get it right, we can love the job search process, we can get over disappointments faster, and we can ultimately make more money and achieve higher levels in our careers.

These five mistakes can cost us a great deal. It can cost us the job that we love and even cause us to miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I have seen job seekers maker these mistakes repeatedly:

  1. Clicking the easy button
  2. They are treating job search as a check the box exercise vs. a design exercise.
  3. 100% focus on strategy, none on performance psychology
  4. Getting trapped in the framework
  5. Not getting feedback from the people that matter

A Product Manager I worked with was having difficulty with a lot of these. He and I began sifting through each of these mistakes and checked them off one by one. At the end of it all, he ended up in a position that was one level higher than his goal and making $100K more per year. This outcome was the result of him recognizing and avoiding these mistakes. 

We all can be in the positions that are best for us. Ones that make us happy and fulfilled. Combatting these mistakes and being intentional with this process is how we can get there. 

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