5 Mistakes in Looking for a Product Manager Role

interviews Mar 11, 2021


Searching for new positions and the interviewing process in itself can be a grueling task. It can become mundane and joyless. It should not be this way. When we get it right, we can love the job search process, we can get over disappointments faster, and we can ultimately make more money and achieve higher levels in our careers.

These five mistakes can cost us a great deal. It can cost us the job that we love and even cause us to miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I have seen job seekers maker these mistakes repeatedly:

  1. Clicking the easy button
  2. They are treating job search as a check the box exercise vs. a design exercise.
  3. 100% focus on strategy, none on performance psychology
  4. Getting trapped in the framework
  5. Not getting feedback from the people that matter

A Product Manager I worked with was having difficulty with a lot of these. He and I began sifting through each of these mistakes and checked them off one by one. At the end of it all, he ended up in a...

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9 Speed Bumps on the Road to Successful Customer Interviews




Customer development interviews are one of the best ways to get insights that lead to an amazing product. But that road to insights is often covered by speed bumps that can slow you down and throw you off course.

Initially you might hit all of these speed bumps. But with enough practice and reflection, you will get better at navigating them.

Here are nine lessons that I have learned in years of interviews, false conclusions, reading, trying to get slightly better the next time, workshops, notes and what not.

1. Know your goal well

Ask most people what their goal is in one sentence, and they will give you a laundry list of things they want to do during the interview.

With customer interviews, there are just three top level questions you are trying to answer. You must determine which question is the one you are trying to answer this this interview.

A) What is the real problem, and is it worth solving?

Here’s a typical scenario: We have a...

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