Do You Sometimes Lack the Confidence to Take Charge?

confidence Mar 23, 2021


Most of us expect competent product managers to have all the confidence in the world. After all, what do they have to doubt themselves? They have all the knowledge, and they are good at what they do. However, this is not always the case. While many are solid and competent, they still lack confidence. 

Confidence is an essential factor in each of our lives and careers. One of my favorite clients to work with was severely lacking confidence. Once we built up his confidence, he grabbed an opportunity he had previously overlooked. Seizing this opportunity led to a promotion in just a few weeks.

Often, product managers know their product needs but do not have the confidence to fight for them. But, a product manager who maintains their competence and confidence does not need to struggle as much. Stakeholders notice them, and recruiters reach out to them. They are delighted with their work and happier in their lives.


Here are the keys to increasing your confidence:

  1. How you think about yourself
  2. How you feel about the world
  3. Confidence and competence loop
  4. Your identity
  5. Adopt the role model mindset


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