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The Cat Flipped

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2020

We have a fairly lazy, obese black and white cat named Sherlock. His favorite thing in the world is belly rubs. The other day, while chasing a fly, he started jumping and flipping in the air to catch the fly, which he catches and eats. 

Why am I describing this gruesome scene to you?

Metaphorically speaking, most of us are like the cat. We have goals and ambitions, but we put them on pause for the most part. As I watched this usually lazy cat flip, I realized there were three things that had come together to transform him from a lazy cat to one that is fully using his abilities in that moment.

  1. A clear, compelling goal. In this case, the fly.
  2. A deadline. The fly is going away.
  3. An environment free from constraints

Why is this relevant? I see so many people not using these three things to their full advantage. What I want to do is encourage you is go after your dreams. Build a compelling deadline, no more waiting. Shape for yourself an environment that is going to help you...

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Get into Product Management

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2020

When getting into product management, one of the most important things to remember is that getting into product management is a lot like the process of growing a Chinese bamboo tree. All the effort that you make now will be paid in the future.

For four years of growing a bamboo tree, one might see nothing and yet the fifth year, the tree grows 80 feet in six weeks. For the first four years, the tree was spreading its roots. It was getting prepared to emerge and have massive growth.

As a product manager, what kinds of things can you do to spread your roots for the future?

  • Don’t wait to be a product manager to start acting like one: help your product manager and talk to customers.
  • Prepare for interviews, and attend informational interviews and networking events.
  • Continue to improve your communication skills, especially positioning and storytelling

At first you might have to keep changing your methods and trying new things, but always stay the course. Seek out guidance and...

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The Surround Sound Method of Personal Development

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2020

When some people work towards achieving their goals, no matter how much they try, they keep falling short of personal expectations. Often the response is “I’m going to try hard, I’m just going to make this work.” You can stop working against yourself, and reshape your environment to help you make it work. How do you do that?

The mind is constantly multitasking and distracted, and it is helpful to outsource as much of your personal development to your environment. This is known as the surround sound method of personal development. This is a list of goals, habits, accomplishments, whatever else motivates you to be your best self.

It’s important to keep your goals front and center in your environment. Look at them daily, and write them over day after day. Secondly, you should list the habits you are trying to build, and maybe even use a habit tracking tool to help prompt you to do the things you need to do in order to build better habits. Finally, set...

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7 Areas Every Product Manager Should Focus Their Learning On To Get Their Career Kick-started

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

As the role of a Product Manager continues to evolve and become more and more demanding, PMs also need to hone their core competencies at the same time.  These soft skills that can be developed over the years of working and through coaching/mentoring, could actually spell the difference between launching a product that will disrupt the industry and a mediocre one.


There are seven areas that I believe every Product Manager needs to understand and develop to become outstanding in their field.  Consider these as your building blocks or your stepping stones on your journey to excellence.  Let me share the seven areas with you:


  1. Critical Thinking: it is the ability to explore all aspects of an issue in an exhaustive manner without being exhausted yourself. As a result, you are able to say something so profound that you are able to change the perception of others.  
  2. Communication: is having the three C’s of good communication: clear, concise...
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Six Questions Product Managers Must Ask Themselves Monthly To Excel in Their Careers

Uncategorized May 30, 2020


A Product Manager’s role is to set the vision for a product, set the path for the product, and communicate the vision to the stakeholders.  As you would a product, creating a roadmap for your career and streamlining your actions to ensure its progress is but imperative.


I recently conducted the Confidence Challenge Online Workshop, which received a great number of participants.  From this activity, I have received quite a lot of questions about how I manage to stay ahead in my career or how I keep it selling.  It got me thinking about how a Product Manager’s role isn’t cut in stone and so many tend to get bogged down in their day-to-day responsibilities.


In this video, I have talked about the six questions that every product manager must ask themselves to accelerate the progress in their career.


  1. What will get me promoted?  Clarify exactly what your company expects from you and what is it that you can do to get...
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Confidence in Product Management

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2020

One of the most valuable currencies as a product manager is influence.  As a Product Manager, you will often find yourself being involved in projects that you may not have any experience in handling yet and influence will help you get the much needed support from stakeholders, your own team and other support teams.  An integral part of influence is having the confidence in yourself, your skills, the project and most especially, your team.

 What makes a confident product manager?

 I think, along with that question, every Product Manager has at one point asked how does a confident product manager act.  As confidence is highly related to high performance, it is even more important for Product Managers. I have talked about the Imposter Syndrome in my previous lessons and how many Product Managers struggle with this.  Many feel they are being an imposter, that they are not really worthy of doing the job.

 In this video, I will paint a picture of what a...

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Four Levels of Prioritization

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2020






In product management, I often get asked two questions:  “How do I go and become a product manager?”, “How do I get into Google as a product manager?” and “How do I prioritize features?”


In this video, I am sharing with you, not theories or frameworks, but the four levels of prioritization.  As you climb these four levels, you get more and more effective as a product manager. Do these four levels and you will soon notice that your efficiency have dramatically increased and you start doing more strategic things. 


So let’s get started.


First level: The basic level which is when you prioritize things essentially ticket by ticket.  It is where you break down the users’ story into all the engineering tasks, prioritize, sequence and categorize the tasks.


Second level: The must-have, should-have and could-have.  Here you start prioritizing by features...

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How to summon your highest energy for 2020

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2020

In this video, I am sharing this one key that made it possible for me to accomplish a lot more than ever before.  It’s learning how to get re-energized fast. This is very dear to my heart and I’m sharing it with you. Do these easy steps and you’ll be amazed at the number of tasks you can accomplish.

There are three main things that I do:

First, know how to structure your day so you are doing similar activities together.  When you transition from one activity to another that are so different in nature will cause you to lose more energy.  Start bucketing your like activities together. This step has been so critical for my success in 2019 and allowed me to deliver what’s really important for my team.

Remember, we don’t lose energy working through the day.  We lose energy from transition.

Next, transition to the activities well by setting your intention right for those activities.  Be clear on your output and why it’s...

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Setting You Up for Success in this New Decade

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2019


It’s time for 2020 and a whole new decade! If you have new year resolutions planned out - there is a high likelihood that they will fail. How about taking a strategy that will make them much more likely to succeed?

In most cases, the resolutions fail because they go against how we see ourselves.  The habits we stack in our life, which we think will contribute to our success, are not congruent with the future identity anchored in our brain. They are often at odds with each other. Here’s an example that will help illustrate this point:

Say my goal for 2020 is to coach a thousand product managers. To realize this goal, I need to think of the identity that represents one who coached a thousand product managers. I have to think of myself as a business owner or an entrepreneur. So now, my goal and the future identity that I want to assume are congruent with each other.

I want you to focus not on the goals but the identity you need to take on to succeed....

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It’s okay to doubt yourself as a Product Manager

It started on a weekend. I suddenly started worrying about a new feature we were beginning to work on Monday.

All sorts of questions started to emerge. Did enough customers need this feature to justify building it? Had we understood the requirements enough? Did we have the right support from other teams? What if we were going to do a lot of work that would be worth nothing? What if?

I wish this story were atypical. I wish that I was hit with doubt and second-guessing myself less often.

Or do I?

Doubt serves like a set of brakes. They help you from running off the road, but in excess, they can slow you down tremendously.

So seek not to eliminate doubt but to optimize it.

There are five things you must do to optimize doubt:

  1. Recognize when your sense of uncertainty causes you not to take shots that can change your life
  2. Have empathy for yourself when you doubt yourself
  3. Learn to step into roles
  4. Own your successes
  5. Build your support systems

Recognize when doubt causes you to miss...

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